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TV Guide
TV Guide
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TV Guide Magazine

2.7 out of 5
63 reviews
TV Guide
TV Guide
TV Guide
1 Year (56 Issues)
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Magazine Overview

About TV Guide

TV Guide Magazine is now full-size, full-color, for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars. Plus, it includes an easier-to-use national listings section with more highlights and reviews.

TV Guide Magazine publishes 27 double or special issues a year. Each double or special issue counts as two of 56 issues in an annual subscription. Cover price is $4.99.

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What do you think of TV Guide ?
Average Rating
2.7 out of 5

Based on 63 reviews

100% would recommend this item to a friend.

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2 out of 5

I wonder why cut back so much. I get the TV Times in my local newspaper. they focus more on daytime,primetime listings and also listings for *** and **** movies in back,. Tv Guide doesnt bother with listings movies for pay-tv like they did back in the 80s and 90s. what happened?

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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful

1 out of 5

Hate it, only shows prime time, will not renew

4 out of 5

I started receiving my subscrition in about 3 weeks! Way better than the 8-10 I was told!

2 out of 5

Only covers prime time no coverage at all on the other 16 hours of the day. Very disappointing will not be renewing my subscription.


4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful

4 out of 5
great info, but...

I really do wish that somewhere it included info about programs both before (morning? afternoon?) and after (later than 11 EST-10 CST). Maybe just one page containing all of this info for the week?

3 out of 5
Only shows a limited times for programs/movies, etc. I

I would like more times during the day being shown. Mainly just prime time and shortly before and after. Need more daytime schedules.

2 out of 5
A waste of money

I would never order this again. It contains nothing but what I can find each day in my daily newspaper. I want to know what is playing during the day but the guide doesn't list it. Neither does my paper. Both only list evening shows. If I had known that I was just getting duplicate information, I would not have ordered it.

4 out of 5
Very informative and easy to use

It's convenient to be able to see a whole page at a time when perusing the listings. Our only other choice is the Comcast Guide, something of a nuisance to navigate. The articles are interesting too. Just wish more was written on the older established shows.

5 out of 5
This is the only TV magazine.

I love the articles and because of the write ups, I have watched shows that I might not have watched. The newspaper doesn't give you that. It is informative and I look forward to receiving it as much as I do my magazines.


1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful

2 out of 5
There are no daytime shows listed, only evening.


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